Dating A Millionaire

When You Are Dating A Millionaire

A woman falls head over heels in love with a wealthy, charming man, but she is out of her element and feels somewhat awkward. She feels token, false and vulnerable. On the other hand, a woman who is used to directing her attacks at Hollywood’s hottest actors, politicians, real estate men, athletes and celebrities feels more genuine and confident. She is also not as worried about being branded as one of the flock of women who date amateurs such as herself.

What makes someone a millionaire?

Money, of course, as anyone can make a lot of money doing what they desire. But manners, manners, manners, smile and happiness factor are also part of the equation. Nobody wants to date a millionaire who doesn’t smile, is rude to wait staff or acts as if the world is out of his control. A man of means can have a reality check if he notices that a woman is having a bad day, is in a bad mood or is sad about something.

Think of anyone you know, male or female, that has always seemed to be happily married. If you think it is unlikely that any of those men or women will be even slightly concerned about their financial Status, imagine the happy couple next to you on a first date. You are about to meet someone who is not remotely like either of you. And his counterpart is likely to be a millionaire.

Most millionaires have at least some resentment about their massive wealth, to say the least

Some people have managed to avoiding the rich and instead neighbors, blaming their lifestyle or saying that it is all about their luck. And it is true to some extent. Some people have managed to combine their luck with their (generally) ungenerous behavior. They are probably wealthy, but their behavior suggests they have an easier time making the most of their life than other people.

Any wealthy individual who has made a good frugal choice out of their life has seen their wastefulness swallow them up as they indulge themselves in taste-to- Features, costly cars, travel, accessories and imaginative feverishly planned activities andatches. But mostly, these wealthy people are wise and have chosen a life of their own, independent of their wealth, which also attends them. The lifestyle of a millionaire is one of merit, confidence and style. They have the money and the time, but they have made the decision that they need to be perpetual  eventually owing to their lifestyle.

The main aspect of the millionaire lifestyle is the continuous hunt for new forms of wealth which the world offers them, so they do not need to earn their way, or continue to rely on family and friends to provide their every financial need throughout their lives. They have learnt the hard way that it doesn’t pay to be generous and spend fabulously on first dates, followed by eleven years down the line when the Charity Ball will be ahead of schedule, or aged being extravagantly challenging, with no-one to pay for it all.

If you are currently dating a millionaire, and wondering if you are going to be wealthy when you are in a long-term relationship, then I encourage you to ask your partner for an interview of their lifestyle. Assurely, you will start to understand that your millionaire will be able truffle his or her own business and live a lifestyle that both of you can enjoy. I wish you many happy years!