Guy Stops Calling You

What to Do If a Guy Stops Calling You?

Here is What You Can Do in These Miraculously True Ways

There are so many reasons why men suddenly go silent when they first start going out. Sometimes it could be a case of just accompanying the girl without a word as the guy feels not at ease or not confident and so give up on the whole idea of making a good impression. Here are a few reasons why even the man who is once roped in remains aloof for long.

Wrong timing

Sometimes women are seen as being way too intimate and such a tragedy if at a certain point of time the guy feels that he is going through a phase or just going through temporarily neutral phase then he will stay silent irrespective of the fact that you are rocking in the bedroom. The problem is that there might be no closure and he will still be giving the silent treatment.

He is mad at you yet. It could be that he has already spent an enjoyable evening with you but is not ready to spend another tick with you. He spends more time with his buddies and you never hear from him. Well, the sooner you realize this is what is staring you in the face the better. You don’t have sensitivity He may have got into the relationship due to superficial factor. The fact that he is not sensitive enough to know the difference when you have been describing the same pet-names to him is the main reason for him to remain silent.

He is coping with something else

He could have escape from a demanding boss or family or work may be. It is quite possible that he finds your demanding relationship a burden and is now coping by not talking to you. Find the answers to the above and provide him with what he is looking for. Immature by acquired traits. Being mature and developed he realizes that he has to shake of the immature traits he has and is actively working to shed them. The fact that he still treats you in the same old manner is a sign that he is not the same person he was some time back.

He might want you to realize that he is now a person with his own independent life. To be fair to others he also may be denying you the enjoyment of the same intimacy because he is not ready to let go completely of his past relationships. The fact that he is working very hard to change has confirmed his new found independence. He needs to solve something on his own. He might have a financial problem that is not confided in you or he might be struggling with some other problem that he has not solved. Be sympathetic to his problem but make sure that he is very patient to listen to your advice.

He feels he is not needed

If you feel that you no longer impress him with your sensuality and sexual appeal he might be keeping himself from developing strong emotions in the relationship. All he needs is to sort out his feelings or reasons as to why he is being loyal towards you. He needs to go down in history. The guy may be one of the lucky ones who has never had an affair but have been very happily married.

Without an affair his marriage will seem like a perfect union and he will not want to give up that easily. He too needs to nerd out and think over the same thing that other affairs have left behind. He needs to get some time for himself . No matter whether you have decided he is the perfect guy to have one more shot at a happy union or are desperately trying to rekindle the flame, if he is quite content with your company he will agree to have another.