Very Effective Ways To Play Hard To Get In Order To Make Him Find You Irresolute!

Isn’t it your desire to make a guy desperately want you?

Doesn’t it pervert your logic because you assume it wouldn’t work because they’re head over heels for you? Aren’t you tired of being the silly happy go lucky girl who would do anything to keep a men in her life? If you agree to all the limitations recommended in this article, he will find you very hard to resist.

One of men’s biggest fantasies is to eventually find a women who would work so hard at making him happy that she wouldn’t even have to exert any efforts in keeping him. Men want to be with women who would stretch out her hand to greet him and her gentle words, without her even having to do anything at all. Women who would wait at his doorstep for him as he comes home from the business are the ideal women in his mind and he will gladly relinquish his role as the bread winner of the family with such a woman.

However, do make sure that you will not go to the extreme of turning him off

You don’t want to smother him with your over the top affection so leave him to sort that out on his own. Hanging all over him while he drives, tagging him every time he eats lunch or faces an important meeting is not recommended. Be understanding of his other needs and get lost from the very beginning once in a while and make sure he understands that you’re just being kind and he’s going to do his thing like a man.

We all know that men love their freedom so give him that by being his sister but detaching every once in a while from his concerns and life as a free man. A man will be eternally grateful if a woman would let him go out with his friends and not expect him to squeeze in some time for you as well. A woman should learn to accept the fact that most of the time is spent alone or with friends so she should look her best rather than turn always shrouded in mystery. Never allow him to get a glimpse of your body parts guarded for a reason, let him keep guessing.

Be carefree with him and don’t wear your confidence to his face!

Even if you know that you are very attractive and have a lot to offer a man, avoid being so sensuous. Men would like their women to play hard to get once in a while and that can become boring. It’s okay to send him a sweet e-mail occasionally, that can mean a lot to a man’s ego, but be careful not to overdo it.

Allow him to be hooked on the chase. While it would be quite wonderful if every woman would wear a super dress and look like a silly and desperate tramp, the truth of the matter is that most men are eager to chase a woman who wants him to chase after her. Let the hunter take his sweet time and when something good comes along, spoil him with a nice little wink.

Having a playful and childlike attitude can be quite refreshing for a man, especially if she doesn’t take things too seriously. This can help two people to feel at ease with each other and allowing them to have fun rather than Cool, Calm and Polite! Let those duck face off and have a good time!

Be someone he can have fun and laugh with. Most women are so anxious to show off and brag to a man all their greatest accomplishments or what they have achieved in their lives; however it is this behavior towards a man that can make him bored. Let little things of your own make him curious; no matter how insignificant they may seem.