There’s My Other Love

Just because you’re in a committed relationship it doesn’t mean you have to forget everything else in your life. One of the most important types of love is that from your family and friends. For a lot of people they feel like they’re starting a whole new world with their partner which is actually quite common.

However, when the two of you become majority of the time around, these other love letters can start taking up a lot of space. Whereas before they would only come out at random times, these other love letters get more and more significant as your relationship grows.

I can’t underestimate the importance of these other love letters, they are letters that not only show your love for someone, but they are letters that speak on behalf of loved ones that have passed. Sometimes these letters are also like family notes taking you to people and places that you may not have ever set foot in only to say “I Love You”.

So how important are these other love letters and how do they fit in with your relationship?

They are very important after you have been in a relationship for a while because they are your love notes and reminders for each other not only during the day but during the night as well. When the two of you are apart because you are working long hours or you have two kids and things just don’t seem to co-exist on the same level anymore, these other love letters take the pressure off and remind the two of you that the other one is there.

Maybe the other person is having trouble with a relationship at work and has lost their friend or dearly held onto a spouse, depending on the situation, these other love letters serve to remind the other that you love that other thing even if it’s not necessarily the person that is holding them up at the moment.

Other love letters also take the form of conversations you have online

Conversations that you two may have had while chatting can really help you in rekindling your relationship is a positive way. These conversations are easy to maintain because you may not have the energy for longer conversations and you can find the comfort to chat about anything through the computer if you are too tired to be alone.

The other love letter might be a picture just sent from where the two of you are members of an online dating site. This picture makes you think of how you will meet this other person and what you would wear to honor this meeting. It also motivates you in making that trip to see the other person. The picture letter also acts as another form of communication that is much easier than the one you may have been used to. It is also a well-suited picture for someone you may have seen only briefly.

And finally the last love letter is one that most of us have from our past relationships

These letters are like an emotional stick that keeps the memories of that relationship alive in your mind and stirs up feelings when you read them. The best idea for the first one would be to stay away from formalities and just let the feelings come out on their own time. These different ways of expressing love for each other show just how important the other person is to you. If you are losing that love letter or think that the feelings are fading with time, you can still find a way to express your love for each other.