How You Can Tell

What to Look For and How You Can Tell

 How You Can Tell – Telling whether or not a man is good for you, or how he really feels about you can be bring on a sequence of reactions. Once you determine what you really want from him, it will be easier to determine who is right for you. Thus, there are some signals, which are not only signs of attraction but are also clear signs to know if the guy who is thrilling you with his presence is genuinely good-for-you.

The following are what you should look for in order to know if he is the one for you.

  1. He genuinely loves you for who you are.

Loving is something that shows how you feel about other, as well as otherlightworkers. A man who loves will want to celebrate your virtues as he sees them How You Can Tell. He will want to support and cheer you on the things you dear to you, and will ask you about your aspirations in life. He wants to share his life with you because you share his most basic and important need, which is to feel valued for who he is.

How You Can Tell
How You Can Tell
  1. You have a strong emotional connection.

This is one of the most crucial aspects of an intimate relationship. You need to be able to share every sentiment that increases or decreases in your connection.

If your man and you connect especially well, then it is a good sign for you that he is good for you in the way he makes you feel. The need to feel valued is the single most important need of every human being.

  1. He is not a player.

A man who loves you genuinely is someone who is willing to give you his portion of time, and his share of experiences, in the same way as you are willing to do the same to him How You Can Tell.

  1. He is not only dedicated to his job in his present job, but is also financiallyistent.

A man who is motivated by money is someone who is out to have fun, and thus you to spend time with him. He wants to share the experiences he achieves with you, and thus share the cost of living expenses.

  1. He is not still in his teens.

You can determine a man’s emotional maturity by the sense of confidence he shows. A young man will be confused and insecure, while an older man is secure and confident. A young man will be comfortable with intimacy, while an older man will be uncomfortable with intimacy.

How You Can Tell
How You Can Tell
  1. He is mature enough not to be affected by your mood swings.

A man is bound to marry only a lady who is pleasing to his eyes. You are beautiful so he will expect you to be understanding and help him under different situations How You Can Tell. But if you are a whiner and a troublemaker, he will be irked and turned off.

  1. He wants you to be somewhat independent.

Do not be a deadbeat; of course he needs you to be there, but do it as if you have a lot of financial freedom. Do not be miserly with whatever he spends with you. A man loves to be taken care of once in a while.

  1. He loves your folks and their loves as well as yours.

You are to be taken care of emotionally as well as physically. Do not ever sway your family towards your new boyfriend. Make sure that he understands that they also have their own concerns and problems.

These are all good signs for you as a woman, but they not as good signs for you as a person. You are at the right place tonight.

 How You Can Tell