How to Make a Guy Show You His True Feelings? 7 Ways to Make Him Completely Open Up to You

Feelings – Making a man open up is like giving him a piece of your mind. Oftentimes, it’s difficult to get a guy to talk about what’s going on in his head, what’s in his heart and why he can’t forget you even after all these years. These tips will help you drastically know what you can do:

Get closer to him.

Spending time together is easier once you two are already comfortable with each other. Why not aim to be closer with your man? It’s great to be spontaneous once in a while but being together 24 hours each day isn’t exactly daydreaming. Doing things together such as watching a movie together or going on a romantic picnic would be a great way to ease him and make him feel less pressured.

Acknowledge and appreciate his feelings.

Eventually, you’ll be down in the dumps if he doesn’t Ivy to you. But there’s no point in telling him – in his face! Instead, try to see things in his perspective. He can be feeling too. Admit it. Tell him that you won’t always understand his actions and that he’s not always clear as to why he’s being disloyal.


Respect his still developing feelings.

Sometimes, a man may have a harder timeiques when it comes to committing – just be a bit more patient. More importantly, never – ever – yell at him. Never place him on a judgement regardless of what his current circumstances are. Just gently coax him to become a better – and more truthful – person.

Never use condescending words on him.

dialoguing with him won’t end up turning into a lovely sulking session. Never utter statements such asWell, if you’re so to say, you’re pretty sure I’m not the only one.Yelling at him for an alleged offense can only be a encouragement for him to misbehave.Remember that you’re a woman and you’re supposed to be a partner not aBO Feelings!

Learn when to quit and when to stick it out.

If he’s not ready to talk, it’s best to just cut your losses by telling him you don’t want to see him anymore. He has every reason why he isn’t ready to speak with you right now. If you still can’t get him to look at you squarely and talk – just comfort him and give him plenty of time. Keep in mind that ultimately, there will come a time that he’ll be ready. Maybe it will be the day that he gets to tell you the circumstances surrounding the closure of his relationship.

Never dwell on the past.

Men aren’t great at shedding tears and you may feel some degree of urgency in getting him to spill everything out. But refrain from triggering too much emotional turmoil. The last thing that you would want to happen is to totally ruin your chance of ever obtaining a deeper and more meaningful relationship with this man.

Make small changes in your life.

Rather than berating him with your tiniest reasons as to why he left, it’s best to do something about it by concentrating on improving your own lot in your own life. Remember that a person will catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Concentrate on areas in your life that you wish to change and this should serve as a force of nature to make you better. Okay, so you may have lost him but it doesn’t mean you have to emit a horrendous noise about it.