Dating Skills

How To Improve Your Dating Skills

You sit on a train platform and you see a tall, handsome gentleman. He looks at you and you are fascinated by his eyes. He catches you looking and his gaze flirts with yours and you know that you are going to capacity. You feel that he is too good for a such a late train. Then another one enters the platform. Looks busy too, but his glance is already coming closer and there is something in his eyes, which gives you a clue of what lies beneath. It is not love but the recognition of a good thing which you might not have been aware of.

You have had enough of the compliments and the best part of it is that all is supremely cheap

The story might have continued. But suddenly, he stands on the platform. You are longing to know from his eyes whether you have quality or not. You want to know whether you are enough or not for him. That is exactly what you felt. For a second, you are not sure whether the train is about to leave or not. This is when you realize that the man has already approached you. He is a good looking man, not unlike any other you might have seen, or disapproved of, your whole life. But the question is “does he really notice you, or is it all in your head?”

His stare has been very direct and marked. It has heated up a thigh, which in turn has brought you to notice him. He is staring at you because he cannot help but notice this thigh, nowadays. He has seen it at work, at mall or any place, which happens to be frequented by you. You are not so much upset aside from feeling slightly confused. You cannot help but feel a little confused. He is looking at you, but it seems so familiar to you. The question is whether it is a stare, from which you can derive hurt or not. Well, you do not blame him. Why did you feel that way?

The fact is that he is a member of the male population, too

He is here to observe you. He is here to see whether what has been in his mind for the past two days would now materialize into something. What has repeatedly been in his mind would now become clear. What you have been immersed in the past days without thinking of, but what has been cooking in your mind since the two of you met last has finally manifested itself. He has come to make sure whether you are enough or not. He has come to make sure whether you are enough for him.

You are not comfortable with the idea that you seem not to impress him, hence, you blow your chances and eventually he goes away. He has failed in that regard, hence, he has decided not to even ask for your number. How disappointing, but not to give up completely. No, sir. You still have hope. How do you plan to achieve that? You have still one more chance.

Turn to him and smile. A smile has always been a stern expression. It puts the fear of God in people and who can blame them when they feel uncomfortable with a stern expression. Smile at him and make him warm up to you. Smile while you shrewdly listen to him, tell him your plans concerning your future, and that you would love to learn from him.

Smile while you speak, saying nothing while you listen is being rude. It would melt any man’s heart. Worse than that, it would make him lost every bit of hope he had built for you. Worse than that, it would make him intimidated and unapproachable. You would also melt any attraction he had had for you.